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TechnoServe works with enterprising people in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses and industries.

TechnoServe’s business solutions to poverty are transforming lives and creating lasting change around the world. As TechnoServe’s director of marketing and communications for four years, Good, Unlimited.’s Jennifer Grizzard Ekzarkhov moved the organization out of a static state of communications (driven mostly by press releases posted to the outdated website) to a dynamic, proactive state. Upon arrival, she immediately set integrated strategy to enhance awareness of TechnoServe’s programs and increase financial support for the organization and its mission. (TechnoServe is also where she committed fully to her deep and abiding love for coffee.)

Following an initial recharge of the organization’s communications and marketing efforts, Jennifer led an 18-month process to refresh the brand of the (then) nearly 45-year old organization. Working with Brotherton Strategies and Kite, Inc. (who she now often partners with on client projects) she socialized the branding process and results internally to a staff of 1,000 in nearly 30 countries, and externally to a network of 50+ partners. No easy feat, considering many of them had been present for previous branding efforts that had failed to take hold.



The resulting brand work transformed the way the entire organization presented its work, in all aspects. Whether speaking to a coffee farmer or the CEO of a global corporation, TechnoServe staff and supporters are now doing so with a consistent voice. The brand work even became the foundation of the organization’s strategic planning process, and was incorporated into the mandatory onboarding of new staff. The visual identity was rolled out across the website, digital communications, printed collateral, proposals and even field staff apparel. Tools were created for U.S.- and field-based staff to ensure a brand cohesion and consistency across all of the countries where the organization works.


Header image: counterculturecoffee via / CC BY-NC-ND