What Drives Us


Good, Unlimited. rose out of the idea that going to work every day can be fulfilling AND fun.

Because when work is both, it becomes more than your day job. After that, amazing results inevitably follow. That is what gets our brains and hearts going. That… and creating connections with others to make positive change.

She’s crafty, a storyteller, an idea-hatcher, a maven and a geek.

For (nearly) 20 years,  Jennifer Grizzard Ekzarkhov has been making good for clients and organizations that are striving to make the world a brighter place.

Her work has given her broad exposure to brand, marketing, communications and fundraising. And the strategies and tactics she has developed have raised significant awareness and revenue for the causes and businesses she’s worked for.

An altruist at heart, Jennifer’s passion is helping others pursue theirs. It’s a win-win pursuit because it allows her to put all her experience and connections to great use for you.

Header image: smile lines © Anne Simone